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Radeq Lab B.V. specialises in manufacturing sugar paste and natural skincare for other brands like yours, so you can relax and concentrate on your business. We will take care of everything, from start to finish.

Our history began in 2008 when Radek Pielczyk, the company’s founder, was studying cosmetology in Krakow, Poland. He started learning about sugaring and became fascinated by this little-known form of hair removal. Before long, Radek was working on his own recipes – he knew he could update this ancient eastern technique and improve results.

Exclusive production of developed formulas possible

We offer a comprehensive range of services for you:

Sugaring is natural and
less painful

This ancient hair removal method can be traced back to the Middle East and Africa and involved kneading a sticky paste by hand – honey was probably their first choice. Fortunately, in modern sugaring, there is no need to make such a mess!

No wonder sugaring has stood the test of time – it has so many advantages!

"Once I mastered the technique and understood the undeniable advantages like less pain and safety, sugaring consumed me. I felt certain that this could be the future of epilation."
Radek Pielczyk
Radek Pielczyk
CEO RadeqLab / Cosmetic Formulator
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Today, we can boast of having developed and produced over 50 different sugar pastes, sold under numerous brand names all over the world from many European countries to South Korea and Russia.

To meet market demand, we are producing our own brand as well.

"Self Care starts with Skin Care"


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