Exclusive production of developed formulas possible

We offer a comprehensive range of services for you:

We offer a comprehensive range of services for you:

Private label options

We offer a wide range of sugaring epilation products in different sizes and consistencies.

sugar pastes

Epilation Products

Customized contract manufacturing options


Many years developing sugar-paste formulation means we can meet (almost) any requirement. We currently produce sugar pastes for many companies in various consistencies, with the following additives:

Pre and post Sugaring Products

Skin care products

high quality Packing and Labeling

We offer a wide range of sugar paste jars:

We also offer excellent value for printing labels starting from 1000 pieces. (Unused labels can be stored in our warehouse until the following order).

Home use set

Let us boost your retail sales by preparing a ready-made kit packed in a cardboard box for home use.

“When it comes to the ready-made recipes that we offer on our private label - based on many years of experience, we know that the consistency is well balanced, which makes the pastes easy and pleasant to work with.”
Radek Pielczyk
Radek Pielczyk
CEO RadeqLab / Cosmetic Formulator

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