"Why has sugaring stood the test of time?"

This ancient hair removal method can be traced back to the Middle East and Africa and involved kneading a sticky paste by hand – honey was probably their first choice. Fortunately, in modern sugaring, there is no need to make such a mess!

No wonder sugaring has stood the test of time – it has so many advantages:

"Once I mastered the technique and understood the undeniable advantages like less pain and safety, sugaring consumed me. I felt certain that this could be the future of epilation."
Radek Pielczyk
Radek Pielczyk
CEO RadeqLab / Cosmetic Formulator
sugaring VS waxing

step 1 – Apply a small amount of sugaring paste against the direction of hair growth

step 2 – Rip off in the direction of hair growth with one quick hand movement

This is the opposite direction compared to traditional waxing.

Benefits Sugaring

sugar like a pro

1 – Optimal paste consistency depends on the climate and the season (air moisture and temperature).

2 – Nitrile gloves are more hygienic and will stop your hands from overheating, affecting the paste’s consistency.

3 – Pre-treatment skin cleansing is key. Oils from moisturizer or body lotion can make the treatment much more difficult- remember to use an absorbent powder.



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